Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Cohen Todd Kite & Stanford’s Criminal Defense Group, composed of former prosecutors, has a strong record of successfully representing individual and corporate defendants in felony and misdemeanor cases in local, state and federal courts. Our Criminal Defense Group members provide representation in every phase of criminal proceedings  –  from investigation or arrest through trial and, if necessary, appeal.  Whether in the courtroom or in effectively negotiating with law enforcement or regulatory authorities, our attorneys aggressively pursue strategies with the client’s best interests being the top priority.  Our deep bench of experience benefits clients who need and expect the best defense possible.

Expertise in All Areas of Criminal Defense

Because our Criminal Defense Group has years of past prosecutorial experience, each member has a high level and depth of knowledge, both legal and practical, of the local, state and federal courts and prosecutors in the Greater Cincinnati area.  Our attorneys put this valuable background to use in fully and aggressively defending our clients in cases that range from major felonies to minor misdemeanors.   For example, cases include: vehicular homicide and manslaughter, aggravated arson, RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) Act violations for alleged illegal gambling activities, embezzlement, driving under the influence, drug offenses, assault and battery, and the like.  Where a person or entity is not charged as a defendant, but may be involved as a witness or potential defendant, we also provide such clients with effective representation to protect the client’s rights and best interests.

White Collar Criminal Defense

In an environment of heightened government regulation with expanded criminal sanctions for businesses and individuals alike, white collar criminal proceedings represent a particularly complex area that require expertise, not only in criminal law, but also in other legal areas, such as tax, corporate, securities, administrative law, and bankruptcy.  Our White Collar Criminal Defense team includes attorneys who are former assistant prosecutors, two of whom were assigned to the Ohio Organized Crime Commission, a former law enforcement officer, a former IRS attorney, and litigators experienced in both bankruptcy and complex financial and business transactions.  Our attorneys thus have a tremendous depth of experience and knowledge on which they draw to provide aggressive and effective representation in white collar crime cases.

For example, we have represented numerous corporate clients under Federal Grand Jury investigation in a variety of cases – alleged price fixing, fraud in the administration of an employee benefits program, and alleged improper pharmaceutical accounting procedures.  In all of these cases, we obtained closure of the investigations without indictments.  Likewise, our team has a successful record of representing individuals charged with white collar crimes – a typical example being our representation of a manufacturing company’s Plant Manager charged with a violation of the Clean Air Act in a federal prosecution by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency.  In this case, we negotiated a plea agreement with no incarceration.   Our attorneys have also successfully represented corporations, individuals, public officials, accountants, and others in investigations of such crimes as securities fraud, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, and mail and wire fraud.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Misconduct that might have once been considered youthful mischief  now often constitutes criminal behavior, with consequences that can affect the juvenile’s life and path for years.  Our Criminal Defense Group has a lengthy and strong record in representing juveniles before both the juvenile and adult court systems in cases that range from serious criminal charges to minor infractions of traffic laws.  We understand the Juvenile Court system, so we can efficiently and effectively lead juveniles and their parents through proceedings with to achieve the best outcome for our clients.