Municipal & Government

Municipal & Government

Cohen Todd Kite & Stanford’s Municipal Law and Government Group provides an unmatched depth and breadth of knowledge in representing local governments and in providing resources for local governments in the administration of their legal duties.  Our Group brings together attorneys who have years of prior experience as prosecutors, solicitors and law enforcement officials.  Group members litigate extensively before all divisions of area State and Federal trial and appellate courts.  As such, our Municipal Law and Government Group possesses, not only legal expertise, but a deep-rooted practical knowledge of local government functions and environments that benefits our clients.  We understand the unique and often complex challenges that our governmental clients face daily in fulfilling their constitutional and legal duties.

Expertise in Municipal Law

Villages, cities, and other municipalities face a wide array of legal issues to navigate.  Our Municipal Law and Government Group assists local governments, officials, administrators, and trustees in meeting those demands.  In addition to general legal advice, our attorneys provide legal expertise in such matters as: research and drafting of ordinances; eminent domain; development of police policies; zoning and real estate development; municipal financing; taxation; public contract negotiations; personnel issues; and the enforcement of nuisance laws.  Because our Group members draw on both their legal expertise and prior practical experience with local governments, we have a track record of achieving positive results and solutions for our municipal and governmental clients.

A Proven Resource for Municipal Entities’ Needs

Many, if not, most municipalities understandably lack the budget to fund full-time, regular personnel to perform some of their essential functions.  The experienced litigators in our Municipal Law and Government Group provide a ready resource to fill those needs.  Our attorneys act as prosecuting attorneys, solicitors, law directors, and court magistrates for numerous local governments.  We provide cost-effective and efficient service on behalf of our clients.