Private Client Services

Cohen Todd Kite & Stanford has a long and proud history of serving individual clients’ needs.  We believe that an individual’s legal issues and problems are every bit as important as those of a large commercial enterprise.  Our Private Client Services attorneys have a demonstrated commitment to representing individual clients in a wide array of areas including estate planning; probate, estate and trust administration; family law; and personal taxation.  In each of these areas, we focus on identifying the client’s unique needs and circumstances, and then working with that client to fully meet the client’s goals and objectives.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Frequently, individual client matters intersect with other legal areas.  For example, estate planning becomes more complex if a family-owned business is involved.  Likewise,  a family law matter may become complicated if the client or family member is also involved in a criminal proceeding or if there is a need for a guardianship.  Cohen Todd Kite & Stanford practices a multi-disciplinary approach in such cases to make sure the client gets the benefit of the best strategy and the most efficient, cost-effective representation.  Our attorneys in the Private Client Services Practice Group readily draw on the specialized knowledge of our other Practice Groups, where appropriate, to achieve the best outcomes and desired results for our individual clients.